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Lawyer Gabriele Varrasi, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor - University of Turin


Gabriele Varrasi

The Lawyer Gabriele VARRASI, Ph.D. is an expert in asset architectures and strategies with regard to their legal-fiscal efficiency. 

He is Visiting Professor of the University of Turin in the subjects of Commercial Law and Economics and Business Management and Tutor for the Business Law course at the SAA School of Management, as well as E-Tutor for the courses of Law for the Digital Economy and Commercial Law II.

Varrasi and his Teams, they work in the fields of Assets Protection, Trusts, Commercial and Corporate Law, Estate Planning, Tax planning, Patrimonial architectures and strategies, Swiss law and International taxation.

Author & Speaker

The Lawyer Varrasi is speaker at numerous conferences, author of various publications and supervisor of over 60 degree theses

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