About me

About Me

I am the Lawyer Gabriele VARRASI

I have a Degree in Law Sciences and a Degree in Law at the University of Turin. After earning the Degree in Economics and Commerce at the same University, I also obtained the PhD in Commercial Law at the University of Milan.

With my Teams, I mainly deal with legal, notary, tax and corporate governance, as well as asset protection, trust, generational transfers, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, international taxation, estate planning for private individuals and shareholders' agreements.

I am the greatest expert in Italy of Trusts that is, nowadays, the best tool for the management and for the legal and fiscal efficiency of assets through the generations.

I am an expert in the field of Commercial Law in the Department of Management of the University of Turin, where I am a teacher for the exam preparation courses of Accountant and Commercial Law.

I regularly attend courses, seminars and conferences of which I am often the sole speaker. I gained my professional experience in prestigious professional studios such as notaries, lawyers and accountants / auditors, with whom I still maintain a good collaboration. 

I carry out assistance for other Professionals in matters of my competence and I often participate, as a delegate and for scientific purposes, at meetings of listed companies in Italy and abroad.

At the University of Turin I am an adjunct professor in the subjects of Commercial Law, International Law, Economics and Management Business Law, Business Management and Law for the Digital Economy (Biella), Tutor for the Business Law course at the SAA School of Management, as well as E-Tutor for courses in Law for the Digital Economy, in Commercial Law, Commercial Law II.

I am an effective member of the Editorial Committee of the magazine Legge ed Business Economics, as well as the Scientific Commission of the Order of Turin lawyers. I am a judge in the Committee for Legal Aid at the Regional Tax Commission (representing the Lawyers) as well as I am a member of the Association of the Italian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Representative in the Italian Chamber in the Caribbean.

 I am a member of UGIVI (Union of Jurists of Vine and Wine)